How to Find Hope Through Acceptance

Life is hard enough without having a chronic illness. The stress of chronic illness and pain can push us right over the edge to a place where life becomes unbearable and all hope is gone. We desperately need the kind of hope that withstands the difficulties of life. One way to begin to find hope is through acceptance.

It took me ten years to come to the place where I accepted that my fibromyalgia and chronic pain were not going away. When I finally got to that place of peace, I was accused of both choosing to make illness my identity and not having enough faith that God would heal me. I was prayed for and prayed over. I was told I needed to exercise more, take supplements, lose weight, stop taking so much medicine, drink special water (two different kinds, in fact), and quit being lazy.

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When You Deal With Anxiety

It might have been a beautiful sunny day outside, but in my heart was a storm that wouldn’t go away. I well remember that feeling of panic when my heart felt like it was beating 200 beats/min and I couldn’t breath. It was one of the scariest things I have ever experienced. I didn’t know then that I was having a panic attack. Read More

When You Don’t Feel God’s Presence

        Do you ever feel like God is not there when you need Him? Have you ever felt like your prayers are hitting a glass ceiling? When you pray for healing, and it doesn’t happen, it’s easy to think God must not be there.
        There were two sisters named Mary and Martha in the Bible that experienced this first hand. Their brother Lazarus had been very sick, so the two sisters sent for Jesus to come. They had seen Jesus heal others, and they just knew He would heal their brother. Jesus was several days travel away, but he didn’t leave right away, and Lazarus died. By the time Jesus got there, Lazarus had been dead for four days. I can only imagine the utter devastation that Lazarus’ sisters must have felt. Here the man who had been healing the sick did not choose to heal their brother and did not even show up until four days after his death! (John 11) What kind of friend (and God!) was He?

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When You Are Depressed

Depression is not uncommon when living with chronic pain or illness. Life is hard. You grieve the life you had and the life you thought you were going to live. You are acutely aware of your losses—and the losses are big. They might include loss of function, loss of job, loss of friends or social activities, and much more. Depression touches everybody at some point or another, but it can be especially difficult when related to a chronic illness because it is difficult to change your circumstances to make things better. Read More

When You Are Overwhelmed

When you are living with chronic illness, life itself seems overwhelming. Even the small things feel like insurmountable tasks.  Add in a job or raising small children, and life just feels impossible. Days are filled with numerous small things that pile up like mountains in front of you. What do you do when life is a string of impossible tasks? When one minute seems harder than the last? Following are some ideas that might make each day more manageable: Read More