When You Are Suffering

I am so thankful that my friend, Barbara Robbins, is allowing me to share her story on my blog today. I hope you are as blessed by it as I was by her beautiful perspective on walking in wisdom in the midst of suffering. 


It was December 1975. We had recently moved to Throckmorton, Texas, a small town jokingly referred to as “seventy miles out of your way on the way to anywhere,” to work with a ministry there. Mitch and I were deeply in love, and about eighteen months earlier God had graciously given us our first child, a precious little girl we had named Teresa. As I watched our daughter toddle around the room, my heart was full and the future looked bright.

On this cold day in December, Mitch’s boss had asked him to run an errand for him. Using his boss’s truck, he was to go to Fort Worth to pick up some carpet for a house they were remodeling. Mitch decided to make it a family outing and take Teresa and me along. We had some dear friends in Fort Worth, and our plan was to pick up the…

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When You Are a Mom with Chronic Illness

Few would argue that parenting is the hardest job in the world, but when you add a chronic illness into the picture, it becomes difficult beyond words. Taking care of others is so much harder when you are sick yourself. In my attempt to be more transparent about my invisible illness, I want to be gut-level honest about what chronic pain and illness is like as a mom, so I decided to write once a day for a week about the realities of trying to be a good mother, wife, homemaker, and professional while dealing with daily pain and fibromyalgia. Do your days look anything like this? Read More

When You Can’t Forgive

Since being diagnosed with chronic pain and living in this world, I have realized that people in chronic pain not only live with broken bodies, but they also live with broken hearts, myself included. When I was 37, I was told that I was a victim of child abuse. I was seeing a counselor to help me deal with chronic pain issues and learned that the severe “spankings” I got for 14 years as a child were considered physical abuse and had probably caused my chronic pain. Upon learning this, I felt like a bomb had gone off in my world. Everything I thought I knew and based my life on was shaken to the core. Years of hurt would bubble to the surface when I least expected it. Then, several years later, I was deeply hurt by my husband. Again, my world was shaken to the core. After several more years, the anger I held inside was beginning to affect me in my daily life. I desperately wanted to forgive, heal, and move on, but that process was easier said than done. How do you forgive the hurt of physical abuse? How do you forgive when your spouse hurts you? How do you forgive fully and completely so that you are free from the effects of the hurts we experience in our lives? Read More

When You Don’t Love (or even like) Yourself

Do you know that you have an inner child? Your inner child is that person inside who is the “real” you. She is the person you would be without social expectations, unhindered by fear. She is referred to as a “child” because many times this little you never gets to fully grow into the person you would be apart from the hurts of this life. This little one is often stifled by unrealistic expectations, fear, anger, and sometimes, even self-hate. Read More

When You Feel Inadequate As A Parent

A feeling of inadequacy is a common feeling when you are a parent living with chronic pain or illness. You never feel like you are “enough,” because you always feel like you are failing at some aspect of parenting. There is never enough energy, patience, or strength for the task at hand. This can result in guilt that can smother and discourage us. It is easy to just want to give up. When you are feeling this way, try some of the following things to help you cope:

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